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Board of Elders
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Board of Elders

Head Elder: Dr. Dudley Brown
Assistant Head Elder: Kelly Garcia

OBJECTIVE: To foster church unity, provide spiritual guidance and maintain positive church programming through effective servant leadership.

Elders are elected by the church body as a whole. All the Elders constitute the Board of Elders. Elders coordinate church programming and oversee the various church departments. They officiate during regular weekly services as well as on special services like the quarterly communion services. One of the major responsibilities of the Elders is to nurture. They visit members who may be sick, as well as members who are new to the faith and minister to them providing them with spiritual upliftment. According to the Bible, an Elder should be of "strong faith in Christ." An Elder should be one who knows and puts into practice the Beliefs of the SDA Church. An Elder should be a people-person and able to speak, teach and lead after the example of Christ.