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Lectures and Sessions
Lectures of Brian Neumann and Dr. Wolfgang Stefani
·          Brian Neumann's DVD presentation on music is one of the most through and enjoyable that we have see. I t will help your practical understanding of music and worship issues. This is the first of a series entitled "The Voices of a Dieing Planet" and you can get the series from www.amazingdiscoveries.org.
·          Dr. Wolfgang Stefani has his masters in the music field and has done extensive study on music, culture and worship. His insights have helped us more than any other presenter with a solid scientific basis for understanding the language of music. May his insights be a blessing to you!

Karl Tsatalbasidis ~ “The 'Rock' and Worship: Music and Worship at the End of Time”
Sponsor: Generation of Youth for Christ
Conference: GYC 2008: For This Purpose
Dates: Dec 18-19, 2008

Dr. Neil Nedley President of Weimar Center of Health and Education
"Heavenly Music: Starting Now"


Bruce Ashton – “Heavenly Harmony: Soaring to New Musical Heights”
Sponsor: Generation of Youth for Christ
Conference: GYC 2007: Be
Dates: Dec 20-21, 2007