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What are Grow Groups?

Have you wanted to learn something or improve your skills? Have you wanted the advantages that come with a groups of like-minded friends? Have you ever wanted to learn a new craft, a new skill? Scrapbook making, drawing or painting, just about anything? Learn a musical instrument? Study a subject with others? Join a group activity like sports, exercising? The possibilities are limitless!

Connect with other like-minded people and share your interest! Double your fun! Make new friends!
Grow Groups are where you can share your passion, your hobby, activity, or other interest, with a group of people who have the same interest.

Grow Group sessions last 10 weeks. The first session will start in February 2018.

1. Browse the catalog for somethings that interests you.

Grow Group Catalog Spring 2018

2. If you have questions about a group, contact the GROW Group leader for any information you’ll need.


3. Fill out this online form and submit it.

Register for a Grow Group

Create your own Group Group

We are now accepting submissions for new groups. These groups will be published so people can join the group.

Not a leader? Not a teacher or expert? No problem! You don't have to be. Never to young or old! You just simply need to have a passion about your interest. This can be just about activity, hobby, or interest.

Some examples subject catagories:
  • Activity – Crafts, Recreation, Sports, Arts, Music

  • Health/wellness – Living, Exercise, Cooking

  • Support – Addictions, Abuse, Marriage, Mental, Family

  • Discipleship – Sharing, Worship, Prayer, Spiritual, Praise

  • Study Group – Parables, Prophecy, Gospel


Step 1: Define your group!

Step 2: Date your group!

  • What day and time of the week can you regularly commit to

Step 3: Name it!

  • Give your group a catchy title

Step 4: Introduce it!

  • Using 100 words or less summarize what your group is about

Stop 5: Share it!

  • Share your Grow group with others - <link to create groups>.

Example Groups