The ASL Class has been discontinued for now. If there is enough demand we'll schedule more classes.

About the class

  • Taught by both Deaf and interpreters.
  • You can learn at your own pace. There are some resources listed below. The Internet is helpful for studying at home.
  • If you need Spanish translation let us know.

Recommended before you come:

  • Learn the alphabet at
  • Browse the resources listed below



  • For this class you don't need to buy any books but here are some recommende ones.
    • American Sign Language Phrase Book - Lou Fant and Barbara Bernstein Fant
    • Gallaudet Dictionary of American Sign Language

Internet resources


  • Buying - They are available but costly and have a limited vocabulary
  • You can make your own
  • There are quiz applications for your computer or phone.
  • Make a way of using them as part of your review process
  • Put aside learned cards to focus on unlearned ones

Ideas for Practicing

  • Listening to tv and radio
  • Reading magazines, books
  • DVDs
  • Sign things you see in your environment.
  • Practice fingerspelling as you ride to work or school or are waiting in line
  • Download videos, speeches, and dictionary words to your media player

ASL Lessons

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